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Treatment by saltwater chlorination and pH regulation

Performance and innovative technology

Your ticket to peace of mind

POOLSQUAD controls the two essentials of water disinfection: the production of the disinfectant and automatic pH regulation

It keeps you free from any chemical disinfectant all season round.  With POOLSQUAD maintaining a healthy pool is no longer a chore. 

POOLSQUAD produces a powerful and efficient disinfectant by saltwater chlorination

All you need to do is adjust the chlorine production according to the volume and the frequency of use of your pool.  From lightly salted water as 5 kg/ m3 (1/7th as much as ocean water) POOLSQUAD manages the disinfection of your pool entirely on its own


(POOLSQUAD 35 for pools up to 35 m3)
(POOLSQUAD 55 for pools up to 55 m3)
(POOLSQUAD 95 for pools up to 95 m3)
(POOLSQUAD 160 for pools up to 160 m3)
(POOLSQUAD 300 for pools up to 300 m3)

Besides handling your pool’s cleanliness, POOLSQUAD, automatically regulates the pH. Thanks to its probe which analyzes the water pH constantly and the injection of the corrective pH agent, POOLSQUAD maintains your pH level at an ideal value. (7-7.2)

Its innovative design and advanced technology makes POOLSQUAD salt/pH combination the most dependable and efficient choice on the market. 

POOLSQUAD ensures optimum disinfection and comfort when it comes time for swimming. 


- Automatic cover kit to modulate the production according to the cover position.

- Independant flow sensor

- Free chlorine probe for a 100 % automatic disinfectant regulation

- Empty can alarm

- SIMPLEO®: automatic pool controller

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