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Automatic pool control

More tranquility

More comfort

SIMPLEO® is an intelligent treatment module which manages the maintenance and the disinfection of your pool. It controls on its own the operation of your equipment according to the disinfection demand in any situation or configuration.

A maintenance easier than ever !



By the automatic control of the filtration according to the temperature of the water

The guarantee of an effective disinfection without any intervention on your part

Energy savings by reducing the wear of your equipment (pump, filter, chlorinator...) thanks to an operation wished time slots


LOW Mode and indoor pool mode

No more problems related to over chlorination thanks to the modulation of the chlorine production

BOOST Mode on demand

No more chlorine tablets to add in case of high bather load. The Boost Mode handles a super chlorination on demand.

No flow safety

A reinforced protection thanks to a sensor which stop the chlorinator in case of absence of flow in the pipping option

Throughout the year

Automatic wintering

Automatic stop of your chlorinator to increase th lifespan of the cell

Frost guard safety

Protection of your installation when temperature is under 1°C

Automatic pool opening in the beginning of the season + shock treatment

Preaparation of your pool by automatic operation of the chlorinator and a 48h shock treatment when the season starts

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