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Pool treatment by saltwater chlorination

Performance and advanced technologies

Your ticket to tranquility

AUTOSALT® produces a powerful and effective disinfectant by saltwater chlorination. 

This frees you from any chemical disinfectants all season long. 

With AUTOSALT® the maintenance of a healthy pool is no longer a hassle.

All you need to do is control the production according to the volume and frequency of use of your swimming pool.

(AUTOSALT 35 for pools up to 35 m3)
(AUTOSALT 55 for pools up to 55 m3)
(AUTOSALT 95 for pools up to 95 m3)
(AUTOSALT 160 for pools up to160 m3)
(AUTOSALT 300 for pools up to 300 m3)

From lightly salted water as 5kg/m3 (1/7th as much as ocean water) AUTOSALT®, manages on its own and under any circumstance the disinfection of your pool

Its innovative design and advanced technology make AUTOSALT ® the most user-friendly, efficient and reliable saltwater chlorinator on the market today.

AUTOSALT ® guarantees unsurpassed disinfection: you enjoy your pool in serenity.


AUTOSALT ® High perfomance saltwater chlorinator

Advanced and user friendly board: direct access keys, choice of language, display of pool parameters (production / salt level / water temperature / suggested filtration time)

Exclusive Smart Power technology allows to operate at any salt level from 2,5 g/l to 35g/l

BOOST Mode 24 hours super-chlorination to compensate high bather load or bad weather

LOW Mode to reduce chlorine production when cover is closed

Automatic winterizing from 15°C, automatic pool opening

User menu: set up, choic of language, BOOST mode and salt adjustement

Professional menu for easy maintenance: parameters, chlorination diagnostic, timer, history, software update...

Self cleaning cell by progressive and adjustable polarity inversion from 0 to 24 hours, depending on the water hardness (analysis kit supplied)

Safety: water shortage/no flow/low salt/low temperature/scaled or deteriorated cell alarms

Upgradable device: software update, compatible with different modules and options


♦ Salt level display

Events history

Large digital screen and direct access keys


- Hydraulic ground kit to eliminate electrostatic discharge

- Short cell (165 mm)for small installation area

- Automatic cover kit to modulate the production according to the cover position.

- Independant flow sensor

- SIMPLEO®: automatic pool controller

- PLUG & PLAY pH to ensure a pH regulation

Professional access



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